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Crassula orbicularis

A rosette forming plant that freely offsets by producing a long stem and deveoping a new…


Crassula ovata "Money Tree"

Commonly known by many names 'Jade Plant', 'Money Tree', 'Friendship Plant' to name a few.


Crassula ovata minor

Crassula ovata minor is a dwarf variety of Crassula Ovata, growing in a tree-like way but…


Crassula ovata ‘Gollum minor’

'Gollum minor' is a dwarf version of 'Gollum', grows slowly to a height of 30cm in 5…


Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’

Also known as 'Coral', 'Hobbit' or 'Convoluta', this plant forms a small tree and has…


Crassula ovata ‘Hummels Sunset’

A popular colourful variegated Crassula ovata.


Crassula ovata ‘Red Horn’

Crassula 'Red Horn' is a variegated variety which is colourful like 'Hummel's Sunset' but…


Crassula ovata ‘Variegata’

This attractive plant is a slow growing variant of Crassula ovata, with pretty oval…


Crassula perforata

This plant is commonly known as 'Necklace Vine' or 'String of Buttons'.