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We are delighted to welcome you to our new online store. It is still very much “work in progress” and we will be adding new categories over the coming days and weeks, so do keep popping back to have a look at what we are selling; if we haven’t got want you want now, we might have in the future. Any feed back would be gratefully received we are keen to give you a great experience…. but I am told these things take time. Click here for our general care tips for your plants.
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Aeonium 'Dinner Plate'

A simply green Aeonium that produces mulitple large heads. It is fairly low growing…


Aeonium 'Tricolor'

Variegated yellow and green hard leaves that form small heads and freely branch to make a…


Aeonium arboreum

Upright freely branching plant with small - medium heads of bright green leaves.  Forms a…


Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum

Purple/green leaved plant, tall upright growth with occasional branching.


Aeonium arboreum ‘Variegated’

Stunning plant. Tall variegated upright growth, up to 40cm in 4/5 years, branches freely…


Aeonium balsamiferum

This plant grows to a medium height and branches freely in a tree like fashion.


Aeonium castello-paivae variegata ‘Suncup’

A beautiful low growing and clump forming Aeonium.


Aeonium haworthii

With hard bluey green leaves and freely branching this Aeonium forms a clump/ bush upto…


Aeonium leucoblepharum

This plant has medium heads and freely branches.