Senecio is a huge genus that contains many plants and can be found the world over, and the succulent varieties are quite an eclectic mix. This succulent group has many plants that want to trial. Varieties commonly known as “String of Peas” (Senecio rowyleanus), “String of Bananas” (Senecio radians) and the “Dolphin Necklace”(Senecio ‘Hippogriff’)are popular trialling Senecios perfect as house plants since they will enjoy more shade than other succulents. A striking upright variety would be Haworthii with its bright white foliage, it almost does not look real!… then there is always the “Snake Plant” (Senecio stapeliiformis) with its variegated stems that branch and tail as far as you let them. On our care page will share our tips and hints on how to care for these plants.

Planting a summer succulent bowl is a great way to mix and match your succulents and enjoy over the summer months. Click here for some ideas, tips and hints.

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