Graptopetulem Graptoveria Pachyphytum

Whilst all three genus are part of the Crassulacea family, Graptopetulem and Pachyphytum are native to Mexico and USA, Graptoveria is a hybrid between Graptopetulem and Echeveria.  These all tend to be trailing or sprawling plants with branches of small star shaped flowers.  The magnificent Graptopetum ‘Superbum’ is a real showstopper with its net of small flowers that appears in springtime.  A popular Pachyphytum is oviferum; commonly known as the “Sugared Almond” plant and it really does look like a bowl of pale sugared almonds. The hybid genus Graptoveria has many different leaf shapes and sizes from the mottled purple heads of ‘Kew Marble,’ to ‘Mrs Richards’ who has short rosette pink leaves.

Planting a summer succulent bowl is a great way to mix and match your succulents and enjoy over the summer months. Click here for some ideas, tips and hints.

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