Crassula is a large genus of succulent plants which contains many species. The most popular and commonly known is the “Jade Plant” (Crassula ovata), yet there are many variants with different leaf shapes, textures and colours. The genus has both larger specimens like Crassula ovata that can grow into a substantial tree to smaller miniature growing varieties like Crassula pyramidalis. The colours within this group are quite vibrant from the yellows, greens and reds of ‘Hummel Sunset’ to the bright red/purple of Crassula marginata ‘Variegata’. The form of these plants are most diverse and include some architectural plants like ‘Budda’s Temple’, and the mad snake like trails of Crassula ‘Hottentot’. These plants are native across Africa and enjoy all the bright summer sunshine you can give them to bring out leaf colour and keep their form compact. Our Crassula care page has lots of hints and tips to help you grow yours to their full potential.

Planting a summer succulent bowl is a great way to mix and match your succulents and enjoy over the summer months and Crassulas make great additions to a mixed display. Click here for some ideas, tips and hints.

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