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Winter is coming….

14th Oct 2021 < 1 min

The Autumn is a critical time for succulents as they move into a dormant phase until spring, they do not want too much water at all at this time.  We would leave re-potting the plants until spring now, then use gritty compost (40% Grit, 60% JI No2) and water 7 days after re-potting.

At this time of year we are busy bringing in all our succulents to keep them very dry (no water at all) in a frost free greenhouse until spring when after a run of bright days we will give them a little water to start to wake them up.

If you are keeping your plants inside; keep on a bright windowsill / conservatory or porch and only water sparingly, once a month.  It is warmer inside your house/conservatory/porch but still very low light (UV) levels which triggers the dormancy, and the plants will not want to be sat wet when they are not growing, the roots will rot.

Your plants will not look  at its best over winter, rather the leaves will be a little limp and shrivelled, but they  will soon perk up again in spring, when you can repot and begin to water regularly.

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