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New Website – Launched

14th Mar 2021 < 1 min

What a journey the last 12 months has been…. and for us at Ottershaw Cacti like so many, we were thrown into the world of E Commerce.  We rushed to put together a site that we were pleased with little knowledge of what we needed or wanted, and now 12 months down the line with the help of our great tech team we have moved our site forward.  We have moved to a new more robust platform that should be much easier for everyone to use (fingers crossed!).

The only down side is that if you had an account we us on the old platform we can not carry that over  to our new site and so we need to ask you to create a new account going forward – sorry for this inconvenience but is should make many other aspects of using the site a lot slicker.

Thanks you for your support over the last 12 months , we look forward to growing and supplying you with many more beautiful succulents,

Kind Regards

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