Echeverias – Further Tips

Heat – Keep frost free + 5 °C


Most Echeverias need maximum light levels for most of the year. We do take more care on the hottest of days and provide some shade especially for the variegated varieties and younger plants. The light is important for this plant group to keep the beautiful rosettes compact and true to form.


As the general light levels drop in October and the clocks change stop watering your Echeverias, move them to the greenhouse or conservatory/porch and leave them cool and dry over the winter until March when the light levels increase and the clocks change again.

If you are growing inside you will need to continue to sparingly water your plants during the winter months and should move to a cooler bright spot.


These plants benefit from regular re-potting and feeding to promote lush leaves, lots of flowers and offsets during the growing season.

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