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This beautiful group of succulents feature some of the world’s most magnificent plants. The group contrasts small headed and clumping varieties like Echeveria setosa, to large single headed spectacles like Echeveria cante or gigantea. The group offers variegation too with striking plants such as Echeveria ‘Compton Carousel’ or ‘Hoveii’, and the beautiful multi coloured leaves of Echeveria ‘Rainbow’. Different leaf textures are abundant; from the thin delicate leaves of ‘Pinky’ to the thick dense leaves of agavoides, and we must not forget the crinkly frilly leaves of plants like ‘Frilly Maid’ and the simply glorious ‘Red Sea Monster’.  Then we also have the unusual nobbly leaves of plants like ‘Paul Bunyan’ and ‘Raindrops’, this super group of succulents has so much to offer. See our general care page for how to get the most out of your succulents. Planting a summer succulent bowl is a great way to mix and match your succulents and enjoy over the summer months, Click here for our guideTo get full growing tips for this group please also visit our Echeveria care page. 

Echeveria 'Ruby'

Echeveria agavoides 'Red Edge'

Large single headed thick fleshy leaves green with dark edges that become more…


Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’

'Ebony' is an agavoides clone with typical dark green agavoides leaves in a rosette…


Echeveria albicans

A small headed Echeveria with blue leaves and a…


Echeveria cante

Considered one of the most beautiful Echeverias because of its elongated powdery white…


Echeveria chihuahuanensis

From northern Mexico this is a medium headed Echeveria (10cm) which will off set with…


Echeveria derenbergii

One of the smaller growing Echeverias with globular rosette heads up to 7cm, and…


Echeveria diffractens

A spectacular pinkish grey leaved Echeveria, usually a single flat headed plant (7-10…


Echeveria elegans

A popular pretty Echeveria with pale green leaves and freely clustering compact habit.


Echeveria gigantea

A very striking large growing Echeveria with beautiful large leaves coloured bluey…