Aeoniums – Further Tips


Keep +5°C and over winter in a dry cool place.


Aeoniums are always the first to complain if they are not getting enough light. They will lose the vibrate colour in the leaves quickly as light levels drop. We see this at the shows when we bring our dark Aeoniums inside and by the end of the week they are certainly much greener.  Careful transitioning back to a bright location over another week then follows.  Sharp light changes can scorch these beautiful plants so watch out when we get our first sunny days each year.


Aeoniums are one of the few succulent plants that do need a little water in the winter to see them through. They often flower early in the year and are keen to grow. Water in the winter sparingly especially if keeping outside; do not soak the roots as you might do in the summer…. and pick a day with some winter sunshine and no frost on the horizon.


Aeoniums need very little food, indeed we have found over feeding / fertilising this group can be detrimental to producing strong plants. We would not repot and feed Aeoniums as often as other succulents.

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