Aeonium castello-paivae variegata ‘Suncup’

A beautiful low growing and clump forming Aeonium.  This plant is variegated plant has small green and yellow full variegated heads.   Variegation varies from head to head offering lots of interest. Sometimes all yellow heads and sometimes all green, but often a mix of the two.  A real center-piece on a patio or garden table.


This beautiful plant is sensitive to bruising and posting may cause bruising.  Most plants have arrived absolutely fine as we do package our plants very well so please be extra careful whilst unpacking and re-potting.  The marks will disappear over time as it settles into its new home and begins to grow.  We will package to avoid as much bruising as possible, but we can not replace plants due to bruising in transit.


Additional information

Leaf ColourVariegated
Growing HabitShrub-like
Light AspectPartial Shade
Mature Size At 5yrsLow Growing Up to 25 cm
Size9 cm pot

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