About us

Ottershaw Cacti is a small business run by Daniel Jackson.

Daniel has grown cacti and other succulents since he was a young boy, and now almost 40 years on still keen to learn all there is to know about his passion. It is now officially a hobby gone mad! It all started when his Mum bought him a cactus aged 11, which he grew on his bedroom window sill. Fascinated by this plant Daniel decided to develop his practical knowledge of these plants and secured paid employment nurturing an extensive private collection of cacti and succulents. Daniel further grew his knowledge and passion for all things cactus by being involved with the BCSS/Haworthia & Mammilaria societies; he has been a BCSS Judge in both Cacti and Succulents for over 10 years.

Daniel’s personal collection has steadily grown and now fills 9 commercial size glasshouses; he houses National Collections of Astroloba, Gasteria and Haworthia which have been in his care for over 20 years.

In 2015 Daniel started to display and sell his plants at some of the smaller Royal Horticultural Shows and following his initial success went on to exhibit at several larger shows in 2016 and took on Hampton Court in 2017. He is very excited to have been asked to feature at RHS Chelsea this year.


Daniel most enjoys plant propagation, nurturing seeds/seeding to their fullest potential and looking for that ever-elusive variant that Mother Nature throws up from time to time. To this end most of what he sells comes from his own nursery in Ottershaw, Surrey.


Daniel sells his plants mainly via shows, but does supply Hare Hatch Garden Centre near Reading, Berkshire for most of the year. We are considering a more formal mail order for the future but it is not yet ready, but if you know what you want; please email me and I will try to accommodate you.


Daniel welcomes visitors to his Ottershaw site by appointment only, but we do have open days each summer where all are welcome to come and view his extensive collection. Open Afternoons – from 2pm till 5pm. See events page for dates. You will mainly find our plants for sale at the major RHS shows and our events page gives a full list of where we will be. Hope to see you soon

Where you can see Ottershaw Cacti this year

Check out our events page for details

Plant Heritage's (NCCPG's) mission is to conserve, grow, propagate, document and make available the amazing resource of cultivated plants that exists in the UK.

Our main conservation vehicle is the Plant Heritage National Plant Collection® scheme where individuals or organisations undertake to document, develop and preserve a comprehensive collection of one group of plants in trust for the future. Most of the collections are based around a related group, for example a collection of oaks or daffodils. This allows the scheme to develop systematic coverage of cultivated plants in the United Kingdom Daniel is a Holder of three National Plant Collections; Haworthia, Astroloba & Gasteria. This means Daniel has extensive collections of these three plant groups, most with habitat data and has to report updates annually to the NCCPG. Please see attached certificates.

2015 was a first for Daniel undertaking to show and sell his plants with the RHS. Daniel was delighted to achieve 2 silver gilt medals for his displays at both London shows in February and April, and aspires to win that RHS Gold medal soon.





April saw Daniel's first Gold Medal at the RHS London show. Daniel was delighted! Having taken all the learnings from the previous 3 shows he was keen to see if he could make the tweeks needed for horticultural excellence! And the gold medals didn't stop there; Daniel went on to achieve a further Gold medal at RHS Cardiff with his first 18ft cacti and succulent display, and another Gold medal at Gardeners World Live at the NEC. He also achieved a commendation from the Tender Plant Committee at RHS Cardiff for best tender plant in show. The show year finished on a high in September at RHS Wisley this was our longest show yet, and challenging again as all plant displays are outside and so unexpected weather conditions can be cruell to the wrong plants. We had to choose our display plants carefully for fear of losing 45year old specimen cacti to sun scorch or wind or persistent rain.